"Great tasting food that is good for you"

Updated June 17 2017

Welcome to Ashton Glen Farm,

  • Ashton Glen Farm is an organic, environmentally sustainable grassfed beef and pastured pork farm located just west of Ottawa near the village of Ashton. Nestled on 90 acres, Ashton Glen is home to the Smith family, horses, dogs, cats, a wide variety of wildlife, a healthy, vibrant herd of cattle as well as a herd of happy pigs. 

  • We are very pleased with the sucess of our farm operation. Most of all we are thrilled that  our customers continue to rave about the taste and quality of our 21 day dry aged GrassFed Organic Beef and Natural Yorkshire Pork.
  • Customers are most welcome to come visit us at the farm and see first hand our grass fed operation .  In the mean time, check out the links at the top of page in order to better understand our farm, its history and to see what goes on here. Enjoy your visit, and we hope you will enjoy our quality local meats. 

Dave And Diane Smith

Organic Grassfed Beef Grazing Summer Pasture